In 1988, Mr. Mohamed started working in the wood industry , a huge bond started between him and it, and started his own production line, he also faced many circumstances, as he spent 6 years of working without any sort of profit, he handled every single detail by himself, he managed to be the owner, sales manager, marketing manager, and his own consultant.

From 1988 till 1991, he rent a small warehouse in Mansoura. Other Barriers that faced Mr. Mohamed was the lack of the equipment’s. However, those barriers have been faced with faith, and effort, and introduced the first Good Wood Latte Product.

In 1992, He started to build his own dwelling in Damietta. He faced his loss, people trusted Mr. Mohamed because he intended to create a huge, successful structure.

In 1997, there was a huge drop in the wood industry in Egypt due to the Asian Crisis, which led 99% of Egyptian factories to announce their bankrupt. Good Wood was the only that remained in the market because of it's unique Products. The company faced several consequences from this crisis, they faced huge financial problems, and internal crisis, however, their love to this industry and the bond between Mr. Mohamed, and this Industry faced this major problem.

In 1998 things went stable, and production continued after the crisis. And it was the year of Good Wood expansion through establishing Good Wood branch in Lebanon.  in addition to exporting to various countries like Libya, Sudan, Jordan, South Africa and others. Mr. Mohamed has his own strategy, he believed that development, and efficiency is not a target but a lifestyle. He always says, “People who minimize the importance of success are confused, and weak, However, Success provides confidence, and security".

2004,  exporting to Moroccian market started.
In 2006, Good Wood finally introduced it's branch in Morocco Known as “General Wood”, this was a blooming period in our timeline, increasing production , and global blooming. Mr. Mohamed strategy behind this expansion was a method of immunization, to have defense against any external economic crisis.

In 2010, Good Wood started a vertical expansion by introducing a huge edifice Ply Board factory in Sadat city, which is responsible for manufacturing it’s Raw material, and delivering it with the highest required quality. where total factories area reached more than 70700 square meters, and the technical and managerial staff reached more than 580 employee

In parallel Good Wood has obtained many quality certificates. In 2005, we obtained the ISO9001 certificate, In 2009 we obtained the OHSAS18001 certificate.

In 2016, For the first time in Egypt we present lamination for the latte product in our factories using ( Melamine, Normal Melamine, Acrylic and Potic ….. ) continuing our developing journey. And then Good Wood Products successfully Obtained the Seal of Quality - proudly made in Egypt – 

In 2019, Good Wood has officially obtained the FSC certificate

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